About Us

Chinese Assassin Deejays was established back in 2001 but our music careers take us back to a time way before that. It all started in a place called Mona Heights in Kingston Jamaica.  It was there some of the popular deejays known today began their music careers. Names such as Bobby Chin (Black Chiney),Dr. Dre (Renaissance Disco), Jazzy T (Renaissance Disco), Oxtail (Formerly of Renaissance Disco) and Master Lee (Code Red) to name a few.  We started out experimenting blending the Dance Hall (Reggae) with other genres of music known today as a "Remix".



Just like most deejays we started performing at various types parties such as sweet sixteens, weddings, house parties, clubs etc.  In the mid nineties we took a break to peruse other career opportunities.  Even though we were not in the lime light, we were still in our spare time working on and developing our own unique style.  In 2001 we all moved to Miami Florida with intentions of picking up where we left off. We needed a stage name, we must of went through over a 1000 names before "Bobby Chin" from Black Chiney came up with the name Chinese Assassin.


We since then added Djs to the end of the name because we have now added more Assassins to our wolf pack.  Peter Lee aka (Dj Plee), Neilton Lee aka (Johnny Ringo), Andre aka (Dre). We are now traveling world wide performing in places such a Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, St. Thomas V.I. just to name a few not to mention all over the United States.  We started our website www.chineseassassindjs.com back in 2005-2006.  The website was a huge success with many supporters.  In 2008 we decided to upgrade our website but unfortunately a series of challenges started to unfold.


This had set our website back resulting with us losing the name "chineseassassindjs.com".  We decided to start from scratch going with the name Chinese Assassin Entertainment.  Why that name?  The reason behind that name is because we were now promoting many undiscovered artist plus known artist.  We finally got the name Chinese Assassin Djs back . Now we are ready to get back down to business which is to deliver some of the hottest mix tapes.  We have developed a unique sound and style different from anything like you have ever heard from any other reggae deejay to date.


Our mission is not over Chinese Assassin Djs is currently working on our production.  We plan to bring to the world remix singles, beats and studio production to the table.   Our goal is to through our website deliver the hottest mixes, promoting the hottest track produced by the best Producers and delivering the best customer service known to the public on this platform.






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